What is eurhythmy?

What’s the origin of eurhythmy? How is it used? A short introduction to this modern art of movement.

Who are our teachers?

Our courses involve intense student-teacher interaction. Meet our teachers, and read about their background?

Personal advice & open days.

Is our programme right for you? You can ask us for advice. You can come and take a look, too.

Part of UAS (Hogeschool Leiden)

The Bachelor of Dance in Education department is part of the Leiden University of Applied Sciences, located in a modern building at 10 minutes’ walking distance from Leiden Central Station. The department provides a wide range of facilities for all students.


Service desk

If you are looking for practical information, please visit the Service Desk. The Service Desk is located on the ground floor near the entrance and the bookshop. The Service Desk is open every working day on and our staff members are happy to answer all your questions. This is where you will find the laptop lending service as well.

IT facilities

There is a large number of computers (PC and Apple) for you to work on. You can log on to the wireless network of the university. We continue to invest in the development of facilities such as Blackboard (a digital learning platform), and wireless networks.

Grand café

This is the place to be: at the bar, on a lounge sofa or at one of the small tables. The ideal location to take your morning coffee or have a drink and a chat at the end of the day.



Our restaurant, where you can sample our fresh rolls, salads and hot meals, is located on the ground floor We serve soup, snacks and various beverages as well. Take a seat on one of the comfortable couches or have your lunch outside, enjoying the sun in the patio garden.


HL Bookshop

In the hall of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden you will find the HL Bookshop. This is where you can buy your textbooks, order your required reading material, photocopy or just buy a novel or a postcard. www.hlbookshop.com




If you are studying hard, you occasionally need time to relax and come to yourself. The Sanctuary is a place where you can simply sit and be, without feeling to need to do anything. The perfect place to recharge your batteries.


Information in English

For more information in English on the University of Applied Sciences Leiden and its activities, please visit www.hsleiden.nl/english

Media Centre

The Media Centre is the place to go when you are looking for information. Students and staff have free access. In the Media Centre you can consult books, journals, CD-ROMs, DVDs and many other resources. There are a number of work stations, with or without a computer, where you can study in peace.

 Our digital services, such as the catalogue and the online databases, can be accessed via Blackboard (the digital learning platform) or via the website of the Media Centre. It does not matter whether you are within the premises of the university or at home.



Structure of the programme

What does our BA programme involve? Part-time and full-time. What courses are offered? What support is available?