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Eurhythmy is a form of modern art of movement

which has its own distinct place within the world of dance. In eurhythmy, the unique nature of a piece of music or a poem is made visible in movement. Your complete being – body, heart and soul – is your instrument in making this happen. Eurhythmy helps you to connect with the spiritual values hidden in our lives. You learn to bridge the gap between your own inner self and that of other people. You develop a new artistic sense and enhance your social faculties. Eurhythmy is more than contemporary performance art, it is also a form of therapy and an educational methodology. The latter approach is the focal point of this course.

Eurhythmy was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century in Germany by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. He developed eurhythmy in response to a request for therapeutic support, however, eurhythmy soon became a permanent subject in the curriculum of Waldorf schools and developed into an independent art form, performed on stage and beyond.


These three fields still represent the major disciplines in eurhythmy. Our website will give you an idea of the different ways in which eurhythmy is practiced and what eurhythmy means to different people.


Chantal Heijdenman teaches eurhythmy classes to infants and young children at several Waldorf schools, creates solo performances and works with two amateur ensembles. Read more.


Berpke van Oers is a self-employed eurhythmist and offers affordable eurhythmy projects to (Waldorf) schools in addition to the classes she teaches at a number of Waldorf schools. Read more.


Gia van den Akker is a teacher, artist and initiator of social artistic projects. She lives in Italy where she creates innovative eurhythmy performances at unusual locations. In addition, she teaches in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and South-America, as well as at the local village school in the town where she lives. She also coaches young eurhythmists to find their own path. You can find out more and watch her performances here. Read more and watch her performances.


Wieger Veerman provides individual eurhythmy therapy for young children, in addition to the eurhythmy classes he teaches at a secondary Waldorf School. Read more.


Vincent Harry teaches eurhythmy and dancing classes at a secondary Waldorf school in Rotterdam; he is also a self-employed coach/trainer (based on eurhythmy). Previously, he worked in Belgium as an actor, director, dancer and choreographer. Watch the video interview.


Djenna Storm is a eurhythmy teacher at two secondary Waldorf Schools and teaches eurhythmy classes for adults at the Menskundewerkplaats. Watch the video interview.