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Contact & Open Days

If you would like to know more about our department and degree programme, visiting one of the Open Days is not your only option. You can also ask for personal study advice or pick your own orientation day to join classes and meet students and tutors.

Personal advice

It is important to find out whether our study programme is right for you. That is why you can ask Martje Brandsma for advice. She is a Eurhythmy teacher with the department. You can contact her with any questions you may have about our programme. If you send her an email at brandsma.m@hsleiden.nl, she will call you back or send you an email.

Pick your own orientation day

Since our department is small-scale and personal, we are able to do something special: you can pick any day (by mutual agreement) to attend and even participate in the lectures or tutorials, if you feel like it. It will allow you to experience the programme from the inside out. You will also get a chance to talk to the tutors and students, and there will be time for a personal interview in which we can answer all your questions. For an appointment, please send an email to Martje Brandsma at brandsma.m@hsleiden.nl.




Opleiding Docent dans/euritmie

(Department of Dance in Education)

Formerly the Euritmie Academie Den Haag


Opleiding Docent dans/euritmie

Hogeschool Leiden

Zernikedreef 11
2333 CK  Leiden

Telephone: +31 (0)71 - 5188800

Email: euritmieopleiding@hsleiden.nl



Map and directions

Open Days in Leiden

The Open Days are the perfect opportunity to get to know more about eurhythmy. You can attend student presentations, workshops, films, and you get to talk to tutors and students. In addition, a number of graduates who now teach eurhythmy classes at (Waldorf) schools will be present. There is room for a personal interview to discover whether the study programme might be right for you, and you will find information about the conditions for starting with the programme. You will find that the mood is lively and fun.


The next Open Days will be in October 2018


You can now register for the Open Day on:



On the day itself, you just hand in a print-out of our confirmation mail and walk in, no need for further registration or queuing. If you think you might decide to enrol for the BA programme on the Open Day, remember to bring your DigiD login code!




Do you want to check and see if your ideas about our degree programme (or any other course or programme) match the reality of life as a student at our department?

Try www.mijnrealitycheck.nl

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